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Brand Launch, Product Launch, Television show launch, or an event; all of these have one common requirement which is "crowd gathering".

At CIL we have some out of box products which can help in creating craze in public to gather huge crowd to make the event successful.

Crazy Blimp - As the name suggest, the Blimp creates craze in the crowd and can attract attention over 5 to 10 KMs of area. The 15 to 20 Feet Blimp can carry the camera, logo of brand, and fly under control of remote on the ground.

Crazy Clouds – Custom shape clouds can generate lot of fun among viewers when they see clouds flying in different shapes. The crazy cloud is easy to carry to organize even at any place to attract attention.

Brand can launch clouds in various shapes according to its products, size, colors etc to inform audience about the brand.

Magical Sound – Give feeling of being special! Create curiosity by defining the area only where someone can listen the sound.

CIL has magical sound solution in which we can create one small area where user has to come to listen the sound, even we can combine that with mobile phone like give a missed call and listen the upcoming song!