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The advertisement world has seen a drift from traditional one way communication to interactive communication where users are invited to participate and provide response. The feeling of involvement improves participation & user engagement to communicate the message successfully. The technology driven digital media has enabled brands in creating interactive advertisement concepts where user can participate and get involved in the entire campaign which facilitates complete brand message communication.

At CIL, we have developed advanced digital technology driven platforms to execute concepts like interactive web banners, interactive digital advertisements, augmented reality based promotions, magic sound, Near Field Communication (NFC) based promotional campaigns, and interactive outdoor Ads etc to provide enhanced user experience.

The expertise on digital content development and technology platform to execute the concept makes CIL preferred partner for conceptualizing and executing the campaign. We have rich expertise in building digital and web-based solutions & applications for our customers to centrally manage, track, and optimize advertising across digital as well as traditional media channels and evaluate the performance of ad campaigns. The solutions also include real time web analytics and reporting for continuous monitoring and evaluating the campaign.