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Instant Messaging Service

Internet based chat platforms are most popular and used among youth across the country. Also, it provides flexibility to share multimedia messages including audio, video, location map, and image in addition to simple text.

At CIL, we provide various Instant Messaging solutions for all leading social media and chat platforms like facebook, fb messenger, twitter, Google+, and WhatsApp. These are some of most used and preferred IM platforms which brands can utilize to increase customer engagement and run various customer centric activities for higher response rates.

We are pioneer in WhatsApp marketing services and customer engagement programs to provide bidirectional automated customer communication with keyword based services.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration with mobile is ideal for providing better user experience with rich communication leading towards improved engagement ration. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, custom WAP are some of user friendly web mediums to engage customers with brand with continues communication.

At CIL we provide social media integration to make campaign even more successful. The services includes

Facebook App Development

Facebook Page Design

Live Twitter Handler

Click to Call

Youtube Channel Handler

Carousel Gadget Integration