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Engage Youth – India is youngest country of the world

Urban and Rural are not only macro segments; youth is another! Youth engagement can also make brand messaging viral! CIL provides some of most innovative solutions like WhatsApp engagement, Mobile radio, Prank Calls to engage youth with the brand. Let’s say "hey dude" to the young India.

Build Community over Mobile Radio – Get listened anywhere anytime

Mobile Radio is CIL’s one of most innovative platform which is deployed over mobile phones. Be it Urban/Rural, Internet/Non-Internet users; mobile Radio has 100% mobile penetration. Brands can build community over mobile radio for effective brand communication and customer engagement.

Engaging non-mobile Internet users with your Internet campaigns

How will a brand react when their non-mobile Internet users can also be engaged with its Facebook/Twitter campaigns i.e. Internet campaigns? The reaction will be simply "WOW". Yes, brands can utilize CIL’s platform where non-mobile Internet users can be engaged over SMS/voice call with their facebook/twitter/any Internet based campaigns.

Voice Greetings

Greet your customers and allow them to greet their friends by your brand ambassador. CIL's voice greetings platform allows greeting friends in the voice of brand ambassador over the call making customers feel special! The innovative platform can increase customer engagement drastically by utilizing brand value of brand ambassador.

Connect with DND subscribers

One big challenge brands face is communicating with DND subscribers in their mobile based campaigns. CIL has innovated way to connect with even DND subscribers with permission based marketing efforts.

Get your App Downloaded – Get accompanied everywhere

If your app is installed in customer’s mobile phone, means brand is installed in the mind of consumer. CIL has developed platform for incentive based mobile app download platform with in-depth customer profiling who is downloading apps. CIL empowers brands to populate App, motivates consumer for download, and incentivize customers for using it. Join hands with us for App download at 3X speed.

Mobile Recharge as gratification – Be it any segment, reward always attracts

Invite users for participating in the contest/ engaging with the brand by providing mobile recharges as reward. The feeling of "win" & "free" will catch attention and attract customers for participation, even very smaller denomination mobile recharge incentives have increased participation drastically. CIL takes ownership of providing recharges across country with all the service providers, for pre-paid and post-paid mobile owners.

Loyalty building – Mobile coupons delivery & redemption track

Choose the customer base – repeat/first time/location specific and provide them mobile coupons for motivation. Also, keep track of coupon redemption for customer behavior analysis. Use CIL’s loyalty building services to get one spot solution for loyalty building by mobile coupons delivery & redemption track.

Combine the most powerful – Mobile and Social Media, the killer combination

The smart phone penetration and aggressive approach of telecom operators for mobile Internet has provided new opportunity to marketers for targeting customers. CIL integrates mobile medium and social media to provide increased participation with detailed user profiling at low cost. Experience our killer combination of mobile & social media for successful brand message communication

Smart Spotting – Use location based targeting approach

Blind advertisement always has lesser success ration compare to location based approach because of targeting right audience at right time over right communication channels. CIL empowers brands for smart spotting by means of accurate data with various segmentations, real time tracking and in-depth analytics. Experience our location based target approach for effective brand communication.

Connecting Mobile Internet users & non-mobile Internet users

You have a mobile Internet and your friend doesn't; is there any way apart from normal phone call and SMS to connect with him; you will say "No"; CIL will say "Yes". CIL has developed platform to connect mobile Internet user with non-mobile Internet user giving them experience of "Something new, something innovative".

Lead Verification – Be Smart in filtering; say Bye-Bye to junk

Brands can save huge money by replacing physical verification with mobile based verification. Our platform will provide you filter responses who are really interested in joining with you; just concentrate your efforts on genuine leads, and increase chances of deal closures.

Intelligent Receptionist – Don't lose leads coming during non-working hours

Customer can knock your doors anytime by dialing your number; you don't want to lose them! We provide you Intelligent receptionist solution to analyze response Intelligently and connecting customer care during working hours for live interactions or non-working hours over SMS/IVR with time estimation for live interaction. Use our Intelligent receptionist and delight your customers.