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In the world of competition, brand message registration is prime important factor for every brand. The successful message registration in the mind of consumer leads to brand reorganization, brand recall, and brand association establishing customer relationship and loyalty. To achieve this, continues touch with target audience (TG) is must and mobile & social media are most impactful mediums to establish the objective.

CIL has been offering most innovative and creative advertising & branding solutions to leading brands from last one decade and executed 100s of customer engagement campaign with excellent viewership, higher turnaround ratio, and ongoing customer engagement.

At CIL, we work closely with brands to strategize the campaign as per brand, target audience, and geography to achieve campaign objectives. As per the campaign requirement, we utilize various mediums including mobile, social media, instant messaging tools, interactive technologies, and other digital tools for reaching to right audience over preferred medium.

The exceptional expertise on mobile and digital technologies gives edge to CIL in combining multiple mediums into one campaign and use all required communication mediums for message delivery and registration.

Some of platforms we utilize to make campaign successful are

  • WhatsApp communication channel
  • Missed call to call back engagement
  • Two way SMS responses
  • IBD & OBD Campaigns
  • Interactive/digital web banners
  • Instant messaging tools
  • Social Media Components
  • Mobile interactive informatics
  • Mobile Applications
  • User controlled advertisements
  • Near filed communication technologies
  • Various campaigns include

  • Targeted promotions based on region, geography, income level, gender, mobile usage, Internet usage etc.
  • Interactivity on traditional media like voting, pledge, contest, participation rewards etc.
  • Various stack holder integration like 3rd party integration, retailers engagement program etc.
  • Web based solutions to engage youth
  • Loyalty programs with Reward
  • Online product promotions
  • Social Media Apps to invite participations
  • IM like WhatsApp channel to increase participations
  • Gratification distribution to invite more number of people
  • Creating curiosity for message communication